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Prairie Lights Film Festival 2019

a year ago

The guys from Midnight Fright Films spent the weekend at the 2019 Prairie Lights Film Festival, an event that celebrates Nebraska filmmakers. They had the chance to sit down with the festival staff and several directors/filmmakers to talk about their films and their love of the craft.

Guests include: Mat Kister, Mark Popejoy, Jesse Snider, Clint Beaver, Kaylie Waite, Heather Waite, Dale Brooks, Jameon Rush, and Hunter Smith.

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Jump right to the good stuff: - 00:25 - PLFF 2019 Intro - 09:30 - Jess Snider - 27:30 - Kaylie Waite, Heather Waite - 41:55 - Dale Brooks, Jameon Rush - 1:00:10 - Hunter Smith - 1:06:11 - Mat Kister, Clint Beaver - 1:16:46 - Mat Kister, Clint Beaver, Mark Popejoy - 1:40:50 - PLFF 2019 Outro

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